Fostering Creativity and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area as Key Elements for Regional Sustainable Development

CreaMED was a 30-month project running from June 2010 until November 2012. The project aimed at fostering Creativity and Innovation between MED Regions at both, public and private level, as a route to Regional Sustainable Development by encouraging mutual policy learning, synergies and cooperation in order to provide a framework for developing Regional Innovation Policies in the MED area. Within this overall objective, our goal was to influence Innovation Public Policies ensuring their implementation in a coordinated and coherent way, completely aligned with the EU priorities, boosting the Mediterranean Industry and contributing to the consolidation of the European knowledge economy.

Once analysed the main Regional Policies and Initiatives aimed at promoting Creativity and Innovation in all partner regions through a methodology developed at this respect and having as main results the Regional and Interregional SWOT Analyses, project partners worked together for the development of the Set of Recommendations and Improvement Measures on innovation policies. These results were afterwards disseminated among the main public actors and stakeholders at a regional level by means of the Regional CreaSeminars. During the 2nd year of the project, partners were mainly focused on the Creative Workshops (methodology and organization), which were undertaken in each region in order to create and consolidate a culture of innovation and creativity inside the Mediterranean companies. As a result, a total of 86 companies were trained and consequently 86 pilot creative projects were carried out and compiled. In parallel, partners worked on the preparation of the CreaMED Open Book, understood as a collection of Mediterranean creative experiences and practices.

CreaMED creative Training

Methodology and specific training designed to train companies in the creative process and creative tools to solve daily company’s problems or to generate new ideas.

CreaMED Open Book

A publication collecting the main creative experience in all areas from the different regions involved. It is expected to be a way to create awareness and encourage MED regions to undertake more creative initiative and policie.

Tools developed and implemented

The tools implemented were communication tools such as web page, newsletters, press notes, brochures, and events. Social networks, in this case Facebook and Twitter had been a pretty efficient tool as regards to awareness rising for more open and general public, since in this project mainly experts could be reached. All the used tools had permitted to reach all stakeholders originally forecasted and to increase the awareness of general public and media involvement, and the project activities were published in media press various times during its lifetime.

Results achieved

CreaMED Alliance through the MED space, which gathered the key actors in the field of Innovation and which promoted economic growth on the basis on Creativity and Innovation.
A set of Recommendations and Improvement Proposals for Regional Policy Makers,  as a result of the Regional Analyses on Innovation Policies and a SWOT Analysis that included the main obstacles and potentialities of the Mediterranean regions in the field of Innovation and Creativity.
Hence, this set of Recommendations was presented with the aim of boosting, simultaneously, creativity initiatives and innovation policies within the regional development programmes, directed to achieve maximum impact on the Mediterranean area.
Policy Makers Workshops, which were aimed at transferring and exchanging knowledge among public entities devoted to the promotion of Creativity and Innovation to the Mediterranean SMEs. The seminars were considered an excellent frame to commit regional stakeholders to work on the gaps detected in their areas