Innovation and Creativity in Cultural and Creative Industries – The role of CRIA


On May, 29th, was held in Faro, in the auditorium of CCDR Algarve (Coordination Commission of the Regional Development of Algarve), a seminar entitled Europa Criativa, aimed to promote and stimulate the participation of Algarve organizations in Europe Programmes.

The main goal was to disseminate the Creative Europe Programme ( about theconditions and opportunities of both subprograms Culture and MEDIA.

The seminar included also a speech from the Algarve Regional Director of Culture, Alexandra Gonçalves, about strategies and the importance of stakeholder’s collaboration for the region and a presentation about the role of the University of Algarve through CRIA in stimulating Innovation and Creativity in Cultural and Creative Industries. Eurídice Cristo, from CRIA, presented concrete examples of projects and undertakings in this area, focusing the activities carried out in the framework of the EU MED Capitalization project Sha.p.e.s.

In addition to the above mentioned presentation, the project was also disseminated through Sha.p.e.s brochures that were distributed to the participants.

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