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Are you a creative company? Are you an organization or an Institution that provides services, information and knowledge sharing on creativity and innovation?, Are you interested in products or processes from creatives? Please, connect yourself to the Sha.p.e.s. web platform at: www.shapes.cnr.it These are messages addressed to creative companies and public organizations for engaging them in the Sha.p.e.s. Web platform. The on-line platform of the Sha.p.e.s. project is the result of the capitalization of the Resource Centre [1] [2], [3] based on the PLAKSS Web platform by CNR-IRPPS (under the responsibility of Fernando Ferri), customized in the KnowInG project, and integrated with the capitalized tools by the partners of the Sha.p.e.s. project. For any information, please, send an e-mail to Fernando Ferri at: fernando.ferri@irpps.cnr.it

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Introduction to the development model

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Shapes Common Model for assessing territorial innovation potential and for boosting the promotion of innovation” is a result of the capitalization of 2 different models, the model for measuring Local Balance of Innovation (ALBI), introducing the lists of criteria for checking the situation in the areas of industrial system, education and research, Infrastructure and framework conditions and governance of innovation, and the “Model for simulation and valuation of quality of living environment« (QLE) that is introducing the quality of time-balance indicators, related to spatial quality, lifestyles and possibilities . The possibility of testing the model is a possibility for (local ) public authorities to understand better the present situation and potentials of their territories for: - attracting creative and innovative enterprises and actors, - supporting the development of innovative and creative production, and hence also how to improve attractiveness, economic growth and competitiveness of the whole territory.

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The Shapes Community of Excellence

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Shapes project deals with creativity in the Mediterranean area. Some activities dedicated to the creative business are:

• setting up of a group of 13 selected creative companies focused on life style design, the so called Community of Excellence. The intent is to consolidate a cohesive group of creative people that can cooperate for entering new markets as a consortium and also for inspiring innovation and new creations.

• creation of a functional toolbox working also as a platform of self management and networking of the Community.

• supporting the joint participation of the Community at 3 market-oriented events in France, Spain and Italy. In Marseille from 3rd to 5th April 2014 a design event has been organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Marseille. The companies of the Community of excellence will participate also to the Barcelona DESIGN WEEK (www.barcelonadesignweek.com) from 2nd to 4th June 2014. Later the Community will take part to the exhibition Artò (www.ar-to.it) in Turin from 8th to 11th November 2014.

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Introduction to the Sha.p.e.s. project Sha.p.e.s.

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Europe 2020: Europe's growth strategy

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The Sha.p.e.s. project focuses on the excellences of the Creative Economy in the Mediterranean. This area has the highest concentration of appreciated talents, brands and know-how worldwide. The creative asset directly or indirectly produces cultural products and includes not only commercial, manufacturing or service enterprises but also artists, public and non-profit organizations – all dealing with creativeness and excellence. For this reason, Sha.p.e.s. deals also with the “governance” theme. In fact, the so-called creative cluster cuts across multiple economic and institutional sectors and competences, and does not constitute a cohesive sector in the traditional sense of a productive cluster.

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