Emagazine #3

Introduction to the development model

The construction of the development model

The test in the 6 territories

Project’s event

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Shapes Common Model for assessing territorial innovation potential and for boosting the promotion of innovation” is a result of the capitalization of 2 different models, the model for measuring Local Balance of Innovation (ALBI), introducing the lists of criteria for checking the situation in the areas of industrial system, education and research, Infrastructure and framework conditions and governance of innovation, and the “Model for simulation and valuation of quality of living environment« (QLE) that is introducing the quality of time-balance indicators, related to spatial quality, lifestyles and possibilities . The possibility of testing the model is a possibility for (local ) public authorities to understand better the present situation and potentials of their territories for: - attracting creative and innovative enterprises and actors, - supporting the development of innovative and creative production, and hence also how to improve attractiveness, economic growth and competitiveness of the whole territory.

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