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Are you a creative company? Are you an organization or an Institution that provides services, information and knowledge sharing on creativity and innovation?, Are you interested in products or processes from creatives? Please, connect yourself to the Sha.p.e.s. web platform at: www.shapes.cnr.it These are messages addressed to creative companies and public organizations for engaging them in the Sha.p.e.s. Web platform. The on-line platform of the Sha.p.e.s. project is the result of the capitalization of the Resource Centre [1] [2], [3] based on the PLAKSS Web platform by CNR-IRPPS (under the responsibility of Fernando Ferri), customized in the KnowInG project, and integrated with the capitalized tools by the partners of the Sha.p.e.s. project. For any information, please, send an e-mail to Fernando Ferri at: fernando.ferri@irpps.cnr.it

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