Eurokom Association

Eurokom Calabria & Europe is a non-profit association established in the Calabria region that is responsible for information and communication in relation to the institution and policies .

The Association was founded in 2000 from an idea of ​​local development and promotion of Community policies shared by its members.

These are mainly young women professionals in various fields, from communication, law, tax advice, languages ​​and design.

The Eurokom pursues a variety of purposes, including : Disseminate information in relation to the European institutions and policies; stimulate the idea of ​​the project on the ground; promote awareness of the phenomenon of local development through the organization of meetings, workshops, conferences and the dissemination of periodical (magazines, newsletters, bulletins), promote the use of experimental and innovative ways of working in the field of local development; Conducting training activities in the areas of environmental, cultural, social and economic. 

By Eurokom Calabria it is managed since 2000 an office in Europe, which is currently its main activity, in agreement with several local authorities in the region of Calabria. The office belongs to the "Professional group of Community Informants", a network of offices that perform information activities and/or community planning; it is therefore a group made ​​up of experts in the field of Community policies operating in the Europe Offices of the Public Administrations.

The "Professional group of Community Informants" offers its members the opportunity to meet, exchange experiences and share best practices, participate in educational activities and online presence, get support for the organization and the management of the offices.

In addition, it carries out information and communication on Community policies, funding opportunities for local governments, businesses, young people, schools and individual citizens. The office provides information sheets for users, possibility of access via the Internet to the websites of the European institutions, supporting local actors through a service of cooperation in the search for European partners for project proposals and provides citizens with free publications produced by the European Union CDE of Rome.