Sha.p.e.s. Kick off meeting in Rome

16/07/2013 to 17/07/2013

ANCI Lazio organized the Kick off meeting of SHAPES Project, which took place in Rome on July. Presentation of the Programme Manager of the JTS, Curzio Cervelli – “The capitalization dimension”.

Curzio Cervelli has underlined the importance to collaborate and transfer the experiences of previous projects to new ones also involving local and regional authorities allowing them to use the results of these projects. He underlined that it is important to involve in the capitalization project also other partners met in previous projects and to use the past experiences of all the partners. The capitalization dimension is manly aiming at involving other European countries in order to share more similar experiences and to create a synergy between all of them. Although involving other countries in the project is very difficult to accomplish, it is a very important element that must be considered. This involvement has indeed already enriched many previous projects. Other countries (even Third countries) have therefore been able to represent themselves as well as the actual partner countries. The main goal is now to involve others and to spread news all over Europe. It is crucial to establish strong links and to involve local and minor policies. That is the aim of capitalization. It is currently experiencing something new and unique in Europe. By the creation of a brand new approach as well as a new methodology, it is possible to implement our own capitalization to make every country important in MED. To conclude, it is important to keep in mind that the main goal is now to involve as many countries as possible in order to work in group and to share experiences and knowledge. Indeed, finding a way to support countries in capitalization has become more important than ever. There is the possibility for the project partners to invite experts from different countries in specific seminars (but without salary).

Overview of the project strategy (LP)

Caterina Praticò (ANCI Lazio lead partner): The Sha.p.e.s. project focuses on Knowledge and Creative Economy in MED. Two targets of the project have been previously defined: an internal target (WP3) and a double external target. Within the external targets, two categories can be distinguished: a public one (involving institutions) and a private one (with economic actors in the sectors of Arts & Culture, Design and Media to address SMEs). It is important to note that Technology is a plus when applied to the sectors mentioned in the AF: arts and culture, media, design. As the aim of the project will be to reach excellence, we will be trying to involve and work with selected actors in the regions. The origin outputs are brought in the project as a “capital” by each partner in order to create mutual knowledge. The outputs will be classified according to 4 different varieties:

1. produced knowledge (including books, charts, databases, guidelines, etc.)
2. online services;
3. direct support; 
4. governance models and methodologies. 

Capitalization will consist in three steps:
1) Sharing content, capital, outputs… through knowledge seminars and knowledge fairs;
2) Content regeneration: meetings, scientific board, open forums in each region (to ask the SMEs to specify their needs and expectations), training classes, marketplace events, peer reviews, etc. It is important to keep in mind that communication with external actors in external territories is essential;
3) Consolidation: joint model, toolbox, etc. to create a unique and only community of excellence, which is the key element of the project. To do this, a definition of an action plan aiming at promoting and incentivising creative economy will be needed.