Sha.p.e.s. Knowledge seminar and Scientific committee meeting in Gerace (Calabria - Italy).

08/05/2014 to 09/05/2014
Gerace - Calabria

Eurokom Association has organized the Knowledge seminar and Scientific committee of SHAPES Project in Gerace on 08-09 May 2014. In Knowledge seminar were presented:


- INFLOWENCE participatory model

Eurokom’s representatives emphasised the value of participatory approach to decision making processes at the level of territorial planning. Informing and involving key community actors in planning strategies is crucial for their durable success. A short discussion among partners followed this presentation. The cost of participatory activities, strongly depending on their duration, the related communication actions and on the figure of the facilitator, and the difficulties linked to the involvement of stakeholders (identification, active participation, positive role in the process) were the main points highlighted.


- TEXMEDIN Digital Library

Texmedin aimed at sharing and clustering know-how and innovation in the textile and apparel sector, using the rich heritage of partner regions as a source of inspiration for creative design. Among other activities, Texmedin has developed a digital library, a web-based platform where partners shared a meaningful selection of samples coming from museums and archives and representing the partners’ textile and clothing heritage. Following the presentation, partners discussed opportunities for expanding the digital library network and capitalising it with new tools.


- TEXMEDIN Design Challenge

Young artists from all over Europe were invited to take part in a design challenge, aimed, on the one hand, at revitalising textile and clothing heritage through contemporary reinterpretation and, on the other hand, at providing a new generation of creative designers with an opportunity for expressing, boosting and sharing their talent. 54 designers were selected to take part in coaching activities in the 5 inspiring labs and to develop prototypes out of there projects. The best project works were then showed in a travelling exhibition throughout Europe.