Sha.p.e.s. Launch Conference: consolidating Creativity culture and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area


IAT organized the Launching Conference of SHAPES Project, which took place in Seville on October the 1st 2013. The event was considered as the starting point of the project and it entailed the presentation of the 15 outputs to be capitalized in the framework of this project coming from the 10 former MED projects which take part in this project.

After Maria Fernandez’s welcoming, (Director of Internationl Unit - IAT), the conference was opened  by the Project Coordinator, Caterina Practicò, who explained the purpose and principles of SHAPES project, emphasizing the concept of capitalization and its sense in a Mediterranean environment. Partner consortium is integrated by 13 partners coming from 9 regions and 6 countries: Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Slovenia, France.

This conference was aimed at presenting the Sha.p.e.s project, which focus of Knowledge/Creative Economy in the MED area, and to explain that it includes 15 products which are our capital to be put in value. Hence its aim is to capitalize models, guidelines, methodologies and tools from different previous project experiences in order to stimulate a  synergic approach between policies, new methodologies and emerging tools in the different MED regions for promoting creativity, knowledge and innovation by social, economical and cultural point of view.

During the morning , there were presented all the products which will be capitalized within the framework of the project.

After the conference and during the afternoon partners participated in the SHAPES Knowledge Fair, in which they presented each other their origin outputs and shared existing experience and knowledge.