Sha.p.e.s. Peer review meeting and Knowledge seminars in Marseille

10/12/2013 to 11/12/2013
word trade center marseille provence

CCI Marseille Provence organized the "Peer review meeting and Knowledge seminars" in Marseille.

The session started at 09:30 and finished at 12:00.

Deliverables from two european projects were presented : - the toolbox of Hidden project - the marketplace of Insmed project During that session another project called 2Insclusters was identified as interesting for the capitalization of Shapes project and the building of its toolbox. The main results identified for the toolbox of Shapes are as follows: 1) Hidden project : - the self assessment questionnaire should be modified to be in different languages (Italian, French, Spanish, Greek, Slovenian and English) and some improvements must be done on the presentation of the pages. The questions should be asked to the provider of the self assessment questionnaire. - Laure NERVI will ask the provider whether it is possible. - The answer is expected for Friday 20 December 2013. 2) Insmed project : - the marketplace should be replicated in the creative innovative sector. - the provider will produce the value chain of the Shapes project and the replication of the marketplace - Franck ARAUJO will ask the provider if it is possible. - the answers are expected for the 15th of January 2014. 3) 2Inscluster project : - that project was not included with Hidden and Insmed projects. It might be added by ANCI LAZIO the leader of Shapes project . - the questionnaire concerning the co-operation mission could be included into the Shapes’ toolbox.

The 2nd Session started at 14:30 and finished at 16:30.

A deliverable from KnowInG project was presented, through a ‘learning by doin’ method: - The methodology for facilitating a session of “creativity Lab” (Roadmap for a Creativity Lab Session, in attach). The main results identified for the toolbox of Shapes are as follows: 1) KnowInG project: – The participants experimented all the steps of the methodology "Creativity Lab", being aware of the important factors to obtain from each phase, and the aspects that the facilitator / animator must have regard to engage participants and to create a climate of trust and sharing. – ‘Experimenting’ a session was helpful to understand the methodology and to replicate it in later occasions, along with other public. – The phases of the methodology are explained in the document “Roadmap for a Creativity Lab Session, in attach. This document was delivered to each participant. – This methodology can be applied to facilitate one or two workshops to be included in the Pop-up event/Creativity Marketplace to be held in Marseille, in April. Eurídice Cristo and Caterina Praticcò can facilitate these workshops.