Sha.p.e.s. project: Knowledge seminar and Peer review in Lucca

21/01/2014 to 22/01/2014
Province of Lucca
“Palazzo Ducale” building

The Province of Lucca organized the Knowledge Seminar and the Peer review entitled “On Line Knowledge and Sharing” of SHAPES project in the “Palazzo Ducale” building, Napoleon Square, 1 - 55100 - LUCCA, second floor, “Accademia I” room.


In the general framework of capitalisation to which SHAPES is aiming, this Knowledge Seminar (KS), that is the fourth, as all the other KS, aims to transfer knowledge from a partner to the others, but in this case it is specially focused on the scientific issues. This seminar is about the two models developed by IN_EUR project, namely ALBI model and that one developed by INFLOWENCE project, namely QLE.

This KS will start the work of the partners aiming at achieve a common deliverable at the meeting in Lubiana. The common deliverable could be or a common model made of the indicators of the two existing models or a kit of the two models in a common framework. The activity of transfer the contents to the territories contribute also to present the contents to the policy makers.

Partners involved in the Knowledge Seminar in two different ways: as donors or recipients.

Donors Partner are: Provincia di Lucca, presents and explains the result of IN_EUR project and UIRS, that explain the result of Inflowence project.

Partners involved as recipients: EUROKOM, ANCIL, UALG, FAMCP, READ, Municipality of Prato, IAT.

For the INFLOWENCE project Mrs Ina Sukije Eriavec provides a general overview, the model capitalized in Shapes and a Questionnaire For IN-EUR the project group of the Province of Lucca involved in the activities under the guide of Monica Lazzaroni (Patrizia Lodico and Chiara Martini) together with Politecnico of Milan, as expert of the result capitalized shows in a deeper way the model, the methology and the working tools.