Sha.p.e.s. Scientific Committee and Coordination Committee in Ljubljana

25/02/2014 to 26/02/2014

Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia - UIRS organized Sha.p.e.s Scientific Committee and Coordination Committee on 25th & 26th February 2014 in Ljubljana (SL).

Scientific Committee 25th February, morning session

Participants: representatives from UIRS, UAlg, Eurokom, FAMCP, READ, ANCI Lazio, CNR

Not present: representatives from Provincia of Lucca

The content of the UIRS Presentation (Ina Šuklje Erjavec):

Shap.e.s. model for Measuring Innovation potential ‐ Structure and roadmap for testing

1. Presentation of the state of developing the model;

2. Presentation of the possible structure of combining the models ‐ linking ALBI + QLE (UIRS proposal in Lucca and a development of that proposal made by UIRS in the time after Lucca meeting) that is including the “areas of investigation for measuring innovation potential” Lucca partners has sent by e‐mail and decision of taking into consideration both levels of indicators (1 and 2); In the presentation the need to check indicators for each area of investigation was pointed out: - Indicators from ALBI model are set, but should be more cultural industries oriented to the question is which are the main, important indicators (in scope of the innovation/creativity). For the model the evaluation methodology for each indicator is also missing......

Coordination Committee 25th February, afternoon session

Participants: All partners

WP2 evaluation report: All partners have to report their communications every 6 months – for every organised event. The specific reports of events will be on internal part of website. All partners should check website and send updates. Some partners still have to specify target groups for communication. Finances: Preparation of the First progress report and Pressage State of the art of the organization and reports of Open forums State of the art of the organization and reports of Knowledge seminars.....

Coordination Committee 26th February, morning session

Participants: All partners

WP4a – FACMP: 9 Training classes (labs of creativeness): Suggested: half day event with presentation of Shapes project, the tools / products capitalised in the project and the workshop (analysing main points). The main target are SMEs (to transfer the knowledge of all partners).....

For more information see the file attached "Ljubljana shapes meeting minutes".