Federation of Aragonese Municipalities, Regions and Provinces (FAMCP)

Federación Aragonesa de Municipos, Comarcas y Provincias (FAMCP)

FAMCP was established in 1988 in Zaragoza, capital of the Aragón region. FAMCP represents all municipalities in Aragón (731 town councils, 33 regions and 3 provinces) among the 3 provinces: Zaragoza, Huesca and Teruel. FAMCP's board is composed by the elected politicians of the local public authorities from the region. The organisation also collaborates closely with regional department units responsible for regional development. The Federation’s mission is:

  • To defend and promote the municipalities’ general interests and their independence.
  • To provide juridical and economical help to the municipalities.
  • To implement promotion of local development, generating high wealth rates in our districts and municipalities.
  • To train city mayors, town councillors and municipality technicians.
  • To promote cultural development and guarantee technical-operational support in regional policies for local growth and socio-economic development.
  • To elaborate social and economical research studies, with special attention to rural areas.

FAMCP contributes to implement the EU policies development, programs and legislation on the region of Aragón. In addition it promotes the building of Aragón’s image and influence in Europe and the benefits of working in partnership with other European regions. FAMCP has wide experience in interregional cooperation and in the management of Structural Funds: FAMCP has coordinated as Lead Partner the Regional Framework Operation SMART and is coordinating SMART+ and has also participated as partner in the Medocc project SPACE and in other EU programmes (EQUAL, Leonardo).