INS MED aims at structuring an eco-design/construction cluster and to diffuse the related innovative technologies in the MED area. To achieve these goals, the project will develop in a sequential way:

  • Inventories & Evaluation
  • Methodology & Tests
  • Pilots: Support, Valorization and Capitalization.

Each INS MED partner is responsible, according to its specific competencies, of various phases of the projects.

Initially the indentitication of the best practices in eco-design of buildings (vertical) and roadway systems (horizontal), and of pointing the lawful technical constraints will be carried out.
On this basis, the consortium will develop the Chains of Value of Eco Design and a Platform of Collaborative Intelligence to list key actors and technologies, and to connect suppliers and buyers. A strategic methodology will make possible to design and test jointly pilot tools among the targeted companies.

The Pilot experimentation will lead to: 
 Sensitize the public and private actors to innovative technologies, technical, commercial and lawful stakes, 
 Diagnose the companies, in order to position them on the Chain of Value by characterizing their offer in the Market and their competitive advantages 
 Coach the persons in charge of companies, in order to sort their market segments and to support their innovative projects 
 Participate in the strategic actions of partnerships and business relations (BizDev), in order to help SME to open their international markets, by meeting qualified customers and potential suppliers.

The capitalization of these actions will carried out with a Green Book which will include a procedure to respect within the framework of the drafting of a schedule of conditions, during the launching of Tenders.

Through the external Communication, INS MED partners will communicate on the tangible results of the approach by operating technology transfers towards the Convention countries which present a strong potential of eco projects.

A particular strain will be carried out on the dissemination of the experiments, in particular with the assistance of the specialists on the matter: Recipients at the Steering committee (CR PACA, Europôle Arbois, CDDR d’Algarve…) and national and european contact points : Blue plan, Federation of Building Industries, PRIDES, research departments, associations of architects, town planners, lawyers.