Knowledge Base

Sha.p.e.s. capitalizes 15 tools, experiences, models and results of the following projects dealing with innovation and creativity and their governance:

  • KnowInG/MED
  • CreaMed/MED
  • TexmedIn/MED
  • InFLOWence/Med
  • Smart+/Interreg4
  • DigiBic/FP7
  • InEUR/Interreg4
  • Insmed/MED

The capitalization of the previous projects results should bring out excellence as a driver of social, economic and cultural development from the local to the transnational level, sharing information, knowledge, tools and services engaging public institutions and private organizations in this process, in order to ensure a convenience to use the capitalized results over the project duration, promoting the development of a European Space of Creative and Sustainable Innovation (ESCreSI).