Design connects: everybody and everything!

22/02/2014 to 02/03/2014

From February 22 through March 2, 2014, designers, architects, representatives of the economic and business sectors as well design aficionados from around the world will meet in Munich for the third time at MCBW 2014. Their objective: to sensitize the public to design and its relevance to our society, culture and economy. It takes connections and the exchange of ideas and opinions across industries to ensure the depth that creative people need to develop truly innovative works. Players in all disciplines of design are confronted today and will continue to be confronted in the future with technical, cultural, economic, social and demographic developments. These players must promote connections across disciplines, and themes from which novel areas of work can evolve. This is only one of the reasons why MCBW has become the industry’s focal point and meeting place since its inception in 2012.

Three themes, one goal:  Societies, technologies and brands are the key drivers of design. This is why MCBW 2014 will centre on the three themes: “Design: Connected to technology”, “Design: Connected to brands”, and “Design: Connected to culture”.

MCBW MOMENTS – mindscapes for design:  Conferences, workshops and labs – for 2014, the special exhibition MCBW MOMENTS – mindscapes for design – has evolved into a forum for design knowledge. Supplementary exhibitions will provide further depth of detail for the focal points of the conferences.

Simultaneous workshops will interconnect design and business, the economy, and society. Topical themes will be selected and elaborated on interactively.