03/04/2014 - 05/04/2014

In Palais de la Bourse (CCIMP) and WTC Show room (Innovatic – exhibition place). Supporting the activity of creative companies by BtoB meetings to extend their market and by exhibitions to show their Art.

Firms selected by Shapes partners:

1. Flores en la mesa: New botanicals, specifically edible flowers for haute cuisine and for the gourmet. "Flowers on the Table" wants to show a world of culinary possibilities, and thus awaken feelings in people, trying at all times does not leave anyone indifferent. CEEI Aragón C/María de Luna, 11 Nave 2 - Bajo Izda. 50018 Zaragoza -Spain. Website

2. AGEMA – Ancient Greek Beauty Secrets , was founded at Ligos, Ioannina, in the region of Dodoni valley. Its vital energy is interfused to and expressed by every life form in the vicinity, creating a perpetual, everlasting, natural energy source. AGEMA was created to convey these natural – clear – energy gifts, with respect to and in union with nature and its laws. Address Liggos-Dodona Ioannina-GREECE - E-mail Website

3. TASA -Técnicas Ancestrais, Soluções Actuais: developing an innovative product line, supporting business initiatives in the craft sector through design and products of excellence, encourageing youth involvement in activities related to the craft C/ Andreia Pintassilgo Rua de Portugal, nº35 8100 Loulé – PortugalTel.: (+351) 914 535 262 Email: Website:

4. ALMIRASADAR COLLECTION, Collection of high quality clothing, accessories and textile products for home with selected design and personal signature LJ STUDIO d.o.o.Emonska 18 - 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia, +38631566442 Website:

5. ILPAPIROART di Lidia Rita Scalzo, is a place of handicraft production format from artists who want to go beyond the production of objects, which have a common will to work and plan together. The craftsmanship as the common point of departure; practical teaching techniques from which to begin a creative process that develops in a multidirectional. Working with industry, in the sense that they use for some products, building materials industry, establishing cooperation with it. The production aimed at a wide audience that is different from the exclusive salons, museums and art galleries, art directed to the people, with the consequence of increased usability. The crafts that are presented, they go beyond mere functionality. Address Italy – 00185 Rome, Via dei Latini n. 56 Italy – 01019 Cura di Vetralla (VT), Via Sant’Angelo n. 98, Phone +39 06 4457515 - E-mail Website


6. Ferro Vivo - was born in Viterbo in 2004.Theinitical idea was to create a laboratory/workshop able to realize with great openness and flexibility commissioned works of all kinds, from the small to large object sculpture. This one leads Ferro Vivo to deal with the most diverse creative fields until to find their ideal location in the world of home furnishings and design.Ferro Vivo begins to operate in this area with the desire to bend the logic o mass production to the ever increasing need for exclusivity and refinement in the product design. The flagship product t is represented by a coat tree that reinterpret the old concept of the cumbersome and the ugly clothe hangers. The idea of taking this supplement in the centre of the house is implemented through an in-depth aesthetic research that will transform the anonymous hanger in an original and unique piece of design , able to win a place in the house. With the experience and the years, Ferro Vivo has expanded its product to more than 20 models of hangers and new products such as consoles, mirrors and headboards. Ferro Vivo realizes in the homes of those who choose its products metropolitan spell which brings the fantasy and the color at the centre of everyday life.All products are entirely made in Italy. Strada capretta 11/e, Viterbo Website:  

7. JF REY and BOZ, translates his inspiration from art,architecture and technology into trendsetting designs, each time changing the face of eyewear. The brand embodies Rey’s style: modern, edgy design evolved in a constantly advancing creative atmosphere. - 74 route des Camoins, CS80049 - 13396 Marseille, email: , 0033 (0)491 297 750 Website:

8. Pascale MARQUIER - PCM CREATION - PcM Création lamps are at the intersection of craft and design. In her studio in Aix en Provence, Pascale Marquier combines natural and recycled materials to make unique pieces in limited editions materials. It puts at the heart of its priorities to original and quality creations with a standard and sustainable approach. 26 rue Boulegon - 13100 Aix en Provence, email: - tel : 0662717404 Website:

9. EMBAWO , stands for fine and unique accessory manufactured from wood. The handbags are made of special veneere glued together. This very special technique allows a huge variety of different forms and styles. - via A.Carnevali, 78 Milano – Italia, ph: +39.346.7745868 (DE, IT) +39.338.1774756 (IT, EN, FR), email: Website:

10. “AER”, presents to the market jewelry made by internationally acclaimed Greek (mostly) and foreign artists as well as promotes, with special emphasis, the work of young talented Greek artists. Also, the owner of the site creates herself small jewelry and art collections. It proposes objects and antique furniture selected from Greece and the Mediterranean region. It promotes at a regular basis a series of Greek (bilingual) publications and books in order to disseminate key information relating to Greece (clothing, cuisine, traditional Greek products, wine, culture, travel - tourism, art).Address: Chora Patmos, Patmos 85500 - E-mail:,

11. Piel Frama - Piel Frama made its first steps in manufacturing leather covers for mobile phones in 1984, but they have been manufacturing leather goods since 1975. The company started selling them in the United States of America when nobody in Europe had heard about mobile phones.Thirty-five years of experience in developing and designing a high quality product places us far ahead of our competition.Piel Frama Produces a wide range of leather products: passport holders, handbags, desk phone supports, cigarette cases, key rings, wallets, mouse pads. But very especially their flahship product is all kind of electronic devices cases because of their innovative fixing material: Laptop, e-reader, iPad and smartphone cases. Their manufacturing process is briefly presented in their website:

12. Belle di Niente - Handmade fashion jewellery and design accessories realized with recyclable materials such as plastic bottles, paper and cardboard, leather, buttons and cloths. We produce necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, bags, lamps and awnings starting from the above mentioned materials and transforming them. Corso Garibaldi 151 – 55100 Lucca - Tel. (+39) 0583467900 Cell. (+39) 3772682213 mail: website:

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