Sharing Resources

WP3: Sharing resources for knowledge and practice capitalization

This Work Package is dedicated to the capitalisation of good practices delivered by previous projects. It aims to share the policy experience and know-how of the partners in the most effective and efficient way.

This Work Package takes stock of results from previous projects TEXMEDIN, KnowInG, CreaMed, In.FLOW.ence, SMART+, DigiBic, IN EUR, INS MED and SCORE to disseminate their lessons among the partners and other target groups.

WP3 aims to survey, analyse, filter, review and share the existing good practices, tools, methodologies, etc  through a series of joint activities including peer reviews, seminars, fairs, forums etc. Its overall goal is to eventually transfer and capitalise as many valuable policy lessons and recommendations as possible for the benefit of the partners and other target stakeholders. These will be made available as a practical ready-for-use toolbox that will aggregate services addressed at the different target groups.

Sample activities of this WP include:

  • Knowledge fair - providing introductory one-to-one presentations and explanations of the good practices
  • Open forum - to collect the interest on the outputs capitalized by SHAPES and to provide their accessibility allowing their use by the Toolbox, and evaluating their accessibility and usability for improving them.
  • Knowledge seminar - providing in-depth training seminars addressed to specifically interested partners/stakeholders
  • Peer review - providing joint assessment and streamlining of tools and methodologies among the partners
  • Joint toolbox - providing a user friendly platform for online access to the services provided by the good practices