SMART+ is a project for the support of innovations in small businesses that is funded by the INTERREG IV C programme. Six partner regions from Spain, Germany, Poland, Greece, Romania and Bulgaria implement activities to promote RTD and innovation in small businesses.

The goals of SMART+ include:

  • To foster the participation of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in networks and clusters.
  • To provide them with better access to RTD and business partners.
  • To develop strategies for the marketing of innovative ideas.
  • To improve the capacities of employees in SMEs for RTD and innovation management through training and the support of experts.

SMART+ is a mini-programme; that means one of the main project activities is the funding of sub-projects. Sub-projects are small-scale projects with a duration of 20-24 months that involve partners from several European regions.

The SMART+ sub-projects have been selected through a call for proposals, where public and public equivalent bodies, (e.g. chambers, universities or technology centres) could submit their innovative ideas for the support of small businesses. The best ideas were selected for support of their implementation and Europe-wide marketing.

Within each subproject, institutions from at least three partner regions are cooperating.

Among the measures that are developed and used throughout the project, examples of good practice will be identified. These will be the basis for the SMART+ charter, which will formulate an interregional strategy for fostering RTDs in small enterprises.

On the other hand they will be used for the development of regional action plans.