Supporting Excellence

WP4: Supporting excellence and mainstreaming innovation and creativity

This Work Package is dedicated to disseminating the policy experience and know-how of the partners to the target groups. It will involve the networks of actors linked to the partners (SMEs and public institutions in the first place) to test the functionalities of the good practices and tools capitalised by the project.

This WP is composed of two phases, one addressed to SMEs and one addressed to public institutions. Its workplan foresees a series of promotional activities wherethrough SHAPES partners will deliver their know-how to external partners. The workplan will implement:

  1. Training classes and labs of creativeness: partners will deliver training classes addressed to young talents in their own regions to boost creativity, based on methodologies acquired from other partners through the knowledge seminars.
  2. Virtual community of excellence: bringing together networks of talents involved by the SHAPES events (labs of creativeness, workshops, etc) and by former projects. The community of creative actors and stakeholders will operate online and will be open to excellence in the Arts and Culture, Design and Media domains.
  3. Contest for creative SMEs: event to select excellence among creative SMEs - the best ones will be presented at project’s events. Partners will award support (in the form of travel and logistics) to the winners. The contest for design is open to SMEs all over Europe.
  4. Pop-up shops – creativity marketplaces: this activity aims to promote existing hidden excellence through promotional showcases – it will award support to the best creative businesses with the aim to favour contacts and cooperation between networks of excellence.
  5. Model of governance: a governance model will be developed through synergies in the original development models. The model will be practically tested. 
  6. Paper for governance of innovation: after extensive testing of the model a paper will be elaborated and disseminated.