TEXMEDIN - TEXtile and apparel euroMEDiterranean heritage for INnovation

Co-financed by the MED Programme the TEXMEDIN project focused on the preservation and enhancement of the enormous heritage deriving from the long history of industrial production in textile and clothing - its potentialities as a driver for innovation and a source of inspiration for new products with high value added both in terms of technology and design were explored.  Nine partners from four Mediterranean countries with an important tradition in textile and clothing production - France, Greece, Italy and Spain - participated in the project. Through the launch of a joint Mediterranean-wide design challenge they practically demonstrated that the innovative re-interpretation of the traditional Mediterranean heritage in textile and clothing can boost creativity of young designers and help companies increase the quality and appeal of their productions. One viable way for the strategic revitalization of the Euro-Mediterranean T&C industry was shown.

The overall strategy of the TEXMEDIN Project to valorise the textile and clothing heritage was pursued through two distinct and consequent actions: the creation of a web-based platform - the so-called TEXMEDIN Digital Library - that collected and made accessible a consistent number of historical T&C samples provided by the partners; and the establishment of innovative facilities - the so-called Inspiring Labs cluster - that allowed young generations of designers and stylists to creatively reinterpret historical samples in a modern way.

Texmedin Digital Library

The TEXMEDIN Digital Library brings together in an ICT platform the most representative elements of the textile and apparel heritage detained in the archives of textile and fashion museums and enterprises. The  Digital Library is not limited only to the project objectives, but opens itself to further applications and developments, in a sustainable way. The database structure and ICT platform were developed to be used after the end of the project for collecting, digitalizing and valorising the textile heritage owned by enterprises, museums, associations and other archives as well as for training purposes. Great effort is being dedicated to satisfy two different needs: to create a tool of representation and consultation from everybody that it is interested in T&A heritage and to offer an attractive source of inspiration and information for young designers, stylists, fashion schools and textile and clothing companies.

Texmedin Design Challenge

The key initiative of the Inspiring Labs was the launch of the TEXMEDIN Design Challenge, a European public contest addressing young fashion designers and stylists. The challenge was conceived as an opportunity for new generations of creatives to increase their skills in researching and reinterpreting the Mediterranean textile heritage in a contemporary frame. Through the TEXMEDIN Design Challenge more than fifty young fashion students and designers were selected to benefit from the services of the
Inspiring Labs. The selected winners were lead through intensive training and coaching modules and eventually enabled to create their own project works and prototypes.

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