Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia - UIRS

Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia -  UIRS

Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia (UIRS) is a public research organisation. Its multidisciplinary team consists of 27 researchers and consultancy experts and 6 working in management and technical support. Activities of UPIRS are in the domain of urban, regional and spatial planning and related disciplines, such as, landscape planning and design, environment and resource management, urban geography and sociology, regional economics, urban renewal, sustainable transport planning, mobility management etc. It works on developing methods of sustainable spatial planning, urban planning and urban design, integration of planning and mobility, sustainable urban transport plans and mobility management as well on urban green and public open space planning, design and monitoring methodology, their application at national, regional and local level; strategic studies; policy analysis and evaluations; consultation services at local, regional, national and transnational level, elaborates model plans, standards, norms and planning criteria, etc. It has a rich tradition of international co-operation, organisation of conferences, seminars and workshops.

Presently, its fields of work are: urban and regional (spatial) development and planning, European transnational co-operation programming, cultural landscape development, urban landscape development, etc. As a partner it has been included into EU Framework projects, PHARE, European Transnational cooperation in MED, Alpine Space, Central and SE EU, COST, CULTURE, etc. and is a member of several international organisations, such as IFHP, AESOP, IAHS, ENHR, the Network of Spatial Research Institutions in CEE.

UIRS publishes a scientific journal Urbani izziv (Urban challenge), manuals and scientific books and provides education and training.